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Elementary misses some elements...
angels, fly
... to make it really appeal to me.

So, I finally watched the first episode of "Elementary". For those that don't know it, Elementary is a modern day adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, set in contempary New York. They started airing it in my country, so I figured, why not?
Now, I'm not a purist. I've loved Sherlock Holmes in a multitude of incarnations. I do admit to an excessive fondness for the recent BBC adaptation "Sherlock", but I can enjoy the RDJ movies as well. Then there's the Granada series, the books (obviously),... This latest version however... I'm just not feeling it. The actors aren't bad, but this just isn't Sherlock Holmes to me.
Let me enumerate the (to me rather jarring) changes:

- Watson is a woman. I have nothing against male-female lead roles, but the one defining characteristic of the Holmes stories (apart from the mysteries) is the epic bromance between Holmes and Watson. Even if you're not a slasher, that connection feels sacred. By changing the gender of only one of them, the entire relationship feels... mainstreamed. Even a blind person can see where the screenwriters are going with these two characters.
- The move from London to New York. London, in the original stories, was as much a character in the stories as the people were. Holmes' connection and knowledge of it was part of the fascination. Sure, this new Sherlock knows New York (as evidenced by a comment about the location of a cemetary) but the feeling of belonging isn't there.
- Daddy Holmes. WTF!!!! What hole did they pull him out off? What's wrong with Mycroft?
- Or Mrs. Hudson for that matter? It feels like they're changing so much, there is too little of the original story atmosphere remaining.
- Sherlock Holmes' drug addiction. While his using 'a seven percent solution' was canon, they've seriously magnified the issue.
- What I call 'touchy feely stuff'. It feels as if they're trying to include personal growth and life lessons in the character, but they're doing it in a way that feel schoolteachery to me.
In my opinion, Elementary isn't awful and it may still improve upon further viewing, but it's more of a tribute series the way House is, rather than an actual adaptation. They just happened to give the leading characters well known names.  Of course, that's just my opinion and I respect others' view on it.

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I couldn't agree more on this--I saw a few episodes and felt like this might be a pretty good show if they had just left off calling the guy Sherlock Holmes. Too many places where they have ignored canon and shown really no respect for the source material. Also, I felt the storytelling was just pretty sloppy in the ones I watched.

I will say--without spoiling the end of the season--that the season closing episodes had a plot twist that was actually pretty darned clever. I will give them that much.

But I'm not really intrigued enough with the characters to be particularly interested in following them into a new season.

Now BBC Sherlock on the other hand...I'm frothing at the mouth for S3!!

Like I said: replace the names of the characters and you get an ok show, but I don't believe this is how Doyle's Holmes would react to America. I much prefer the insane pace of BBC's Sherlock.

I watched the first ep and it was definitely not for me. decent acting and so on -- but that was not Sherlock Holmes. and like you, making only one of them female spoiled the entire feel for me. at's all about da bromance, it always was, even when I was a wee lad as didn't know nothing yet.

I dunno, I know there's lots of folks who are enjoying it tremendously. they can have my share, though. I'll take Sherlock, which is coming up on a new series in the deliciously near future. *happy sigh* as for the other, nah.

Good to know I'm not the only one who saw the slash even before I knew what it was. But yeah, I'm very much looking forward to the next season of Sherlock, even if I'm usually not overly fond of facial hair. LOL

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