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How to geek out, with yarn
angels, fly
I've always been a bit cooky. I like geeky stuff. And let me tell you, there's not a lot of Trek-related geekiness in my country. Plenty of Star Wars related stuff, though. ::shudders:: So, I have to get my own geek on.

Behold the extend of my nerdiness:
KS 01 Oh look it's Jim and Spock

I actually made them a couple of years back. They're about 10 cm or 4 inches tall and crocheted out of the kind of stuff you're supposed to make doilies with. They're prototypes, so there are some flaws, but I love them nonetheless.

The great thing about a Kirk and Spock made out of yarn, is that they're pretty easy to position:
KS 02 Holding hands and pointing out interesting scenery
Look over there Jim: interesting plantlife with *completely harmless spores*. ::snorts:: yeah, right!

KS 03 Do you really need an explanation - it's time for the fade-out
Uh guys? I think it's time for that fade-out now...

Strange thing is, they always end up in a similar position on my desk. To the point where non-slashers notice AND comment. I think they may have absorbed some of my intentions during their creation. ;-)

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omg, superkawaii!! *grabby hands* do want!!

my nu!Trek bois are my favourites! so cool, these little guys, so, so cool!!

::grins:: I quite like both incarnations. Well, these are supposed to be TOS-inspired, but there isn't that much nuance you can put into an amigurumi. Well, except for eyecolour, but I'm lousy at sewing, so plain black will have to do.


Also: Hell, mine are just as cheeky and cuddly, I tell you. Must be love, looooooove, love.


I'm convinced it's their destiny to be inseparable, cute and HOT in any incarnation. LOL

::sigh:: I'm still no further in designing a Johnlock pair, unfortunately. I really should get on with that. (oh the hardship! LOL)

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