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Randomness: I've been a slasher all my life...
angels, fly

Earlier this week, it hit me: I've been a slasher all my life. I just didn't realise it. Go figure!
I just wanted to share this not earth shattering revelation with the world. Now what's gonna follow is a lot of rambling, so don't feel obliged to read on.

How did this realisation come to pass? Well, we were discussing old vs. new movies and my dad's comedic favourites came up, being Bud Spencer and Terence Hill movies. (I've included wiki links in the names, 'cause I'm OCD that way LOL) They're generally poorly dubbed (the original actors spoke Italian) and not exactly heavy on the plotlines. Thing is, I suddenly remembered this one scene in 'Flatfoot in Egypt' (which only has Bud Spencer in it) that I kept going back to again and again. I think I actually damaged the tape, rewinding it so often. I also remembered it making me feel GOOD. (not that kinda good, I was probably six or seven at the time... shame on you! ::grins::) I just didn't remember what actually happened in said scene, so I finally tracked down a copy of the film.

Here's what happens: Bud Spencer tracks the bad guy into a carpet shop (and yes, not only were these movies paragons of bad/over-acting, the racism and stereotyping in them will make you cringe, wince and shudder. This is youth sentiment, so please bear with me). There is a fight with both the bad guy and an evil midget (I know, I know) and eventually Bud Spencer forcefully persuades the bad guy to give him information.

Now here comes the slashy bit: the midget wants to prevent the guy from speaking so he hits him with a poisonous blow dart in the back of the shoulder. He thinks he's going to die, but Bud Spencer immediately starts stripping him and sucking out the poison, accompanied with some rather heavy breathing from the other guy. And that's it. There was no fondling or manbits showing and these days I'd consider it extremely tame. For some reason back then, it made me tingle. It took rewatching the scene to realise why: it was probably as touchy feely as I'd seen between men at the time. It didn't hurt that the bad guy wasn't ugly and seemed to enjoy what Bud Spencer was doing a bit more than sucking a puncture would warrant, but I don't even think I noticed those things back then.

It got me thinking. Am I seeing things differently in hindsight, or was I really that slashy to begin with? Then I came across some of my first stories. Stuff I wrote when I was seven or eight while I was rather heavily on a Karl May kick. My favourite was Winnetou (an idealised European idea of the noble Native American) with Old Shatterhand (his white bloodbrother) a close second. There was a lot of handholding and hurt/comfort between those two in my stories, let me tell you! As I thought about it, more and more examples occurred. I just didn't know WHY I liked it so much.

And then there was Star Trek.
The Original Series never actually aired in my country (at least not to my knowledge) and while I thoroughly enjoyed Next Gen, there never was that special click you can get with a character. Then the BBC started doing reruns. Of TOS. And the second ep I saw was Amok Time. I fell in love. First with Spock, I'll admit that. I was about 11 or 12 and he was tall, dark, mysterious, smart and just effin' cool! It took me about half an episode, however, to realise he was already spoken for. I wouldn't have been able to explain what it was back then, but Kirk and Spock became an inseparable pair in my head.

I was actually in college before I realised there was such a thing as fandom and slash, since I didn't have access to the internet before then. Let me tell you, it was the birth of a whole new world. I wasn't weird for thinking these things, I wasn't alone. There were others out there that didn't just think the same, they'd actually put their thoughts and ideas online for me to read. It was like coming home, meeting that likeminded family you've always dreamt about.

So here I am, an undefined number of years later, still looking for the slashiness in day-to-day life. I think I'm actually a better person for it. I'm not from the most open-minded background (tiny village, religious family on my father's side), but fandom has given me the perspective to say: who cares? I'm not going to dictate what's normal, because that's all relative anyway. I'm gonna finish now, with this quote from the Sherlock Holmes story The Three Garridebs: "It was worth a wound–it was worth many wounds–to know the depth of loyalty and love which lay behind that cold mask."

In the end, isn't love in all its infinite mutations worth it?

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very trippy! have to agree -- I did watch TOS as a kid -- I was ten the summer it first aired in Canada, and yeah, I always thought of Kirk and Spock as a pair. not sex, no -- hadn't really wised up to that yet -- but they were *together* and I always hated when either of them got all schmoozy with the Random Female of the Week.

then puberty hit, and teh scales fell from me eyes, so they did. heh... fast forward another twenty years and discovering fandom and who, yeah! so nice to find one isn't the only person who sees that on the screen, isn't it?

hurray for fandom, long may it last!!

oh yeah -- hi!! and Happy New Year!! may it be better than the last few years have been.

Happy New Year! May happiness find a roost in your home and stay to multiply. (Somehow, no matter how heartfelt they are, those wishes always sound weird when translated into English LOL)

::grins:: good to know I wasn't the only one thinking deathrays towards whatever female was on the show. I'm still not happy watching the ep with the Romulan woman.

It makes me wonder what non-slashers think they see when they watch TOS. A certain river in Egypt, maybe? :-)

ya have to wonder, huh. mebbe that's why the fundies hate scifi so much...

heh heh heh... when I rewatch that ep I try to visualize Kirk in those scenes... although I did a story that riffed off that episode once; the first one that was in a zine. called Dark Star and it's on the ksarchive, if you're interested. if not, no biggie.

I'm Greywolf the Wanderer over there, but that was too lonmg a name for silly lj so I came up with this one instead, being a mad Inu-Yasha fan and all. =)

dunno if I asked ye this before -- what language are you translating from? if I already asked, well -- I'm the Alzheimer's poster child, lol...

Fundies are afraid of anything inspiring imagination or free thought. The very definition of sci-fi is thinking out the box.

The blessing originally came from either Russian/Georgian or Japanese (I don't remember, the translation's been laying around here for a long time and I haven't really been keeping up with those languages), was then translated to Dutch, after which I translated it into English for that comment. So yeah, it may have mutated slightly somewhere along the way. :-)

I already knew you're Greywolf. You're one of my most favourite authors in K/S actually. ::blushes:: We've actually met during the last American KiScon: I was the one with the chocolates, if that rings a bell LOL. I think I may have gotten your lj name there. (don't quite remember, I may be a candidate for the Alzheimer's club myself)

And I did read Dark Star. While I generally stay away from any fic that has Spock with a female character, I have to say I quite enjoyed it. I'm an absolute sucker for happy endings. RL is depressing enough, so I tend to prefer happiness in my reading and, while there is definitely hurt in this story, the comfort part is just the way I like it (read: hot steamy naughtiness with actual dialogue and plot)

::groans:: And I'm utterly incapable of brief responses. LOL

I was a slasher from the beginning, too. I was all over any hint of h/c or any kind of m/m friendship in TV shows and movies from early childhood on. I had no name for what I felt, but it was sure a delight to find out that not only was I not the only one who felt this way, people WROTE STORIES and DID ARTWORK! And so, a life spent in fandom. :-D

It really hit me how special fandom is, when I went to my first KiScon. There I was, first time on my own, on the other side of the world... and everyone was amazing! You should know these were all people who I'd never met before in RL, just via the internet. And then my wallet got stolen. With all my cards, including my creditcard in it. This could have been horrible, instead everyone banded together to help me and I ended up having an awesome time and lifechanging experience.

That's wat slash fandom is to me: a community of people, banding together, using its powers for good. (I guess that's why I get so upset with clique-ing: we should be all about tolerance, not exclusion) maybe that makes me a bit of a dreamer, but I wouldn't want to be different.

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