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Happy Holidays to all!
K/S, holidays, K/Smas, TOS
Happy Holidays

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The eye contact, right?!

Has any couple ever done eyesex better? Very nice!

And it's all there in the series! No heavy photomanip necessary! I just removed the surroundings.

And happy holidays to you again!!
Better three times then not at all :)

And the pic is still incredibly christmasy sweet!!

Thank you! So is yours. :-)

Oh, nice! I love the eye contact! A kiss is forthcoming hee xxx

Just imagine: they're at the Enterprise's annual various-denominations-party and we're seeing, reflected in that ornament, what the rest of the crew is seeing in reality... There's a ficlet in there somewhere... and maybe a K/S-ian version of #I saw cap'tain kissing Spock under the christmas tree...# LOL

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