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Keeping my promise, just veeeeerrrrrrryyyyyyy slowly
angels, fly
Hello everyone!

No, I haven't forgotten that I've promised to write about fanfic and e-readers. Unfortunately, being the slightly OC person that I am, I'm checking my facts and discovering that some stuff doesn't work (anymore). What's more, I've rewritten the bloody thing four times already! I keep either writing myself into a fraggin' corner or losing the entire kit 'n caboodle! Of course, it doesn't help that I'm going to Kismet next month (YAY!!!!!) and someone (I'm looking at you now tracionn  LOL) reminded me of the stuff I used to make with gel paints. Most has been lost or destroyed, but I'm feverishly trying to rekindle the vibe. So it's gonna be a little while longer before you get the promised post.

Still, here's a little lit of fun to tide you over: the evil overlord list, also known as the 'Evil Overlord Handbook' (patent pending^-^):
I never knew this thing had its roots in the Star Trek 'verse until I wanted to show my cousin a copy and googled it.
I wonder if someone ever wrote K/S fic inspired by it?

Until next time,
Angel Grace

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I'm just trying to insure a lively auction :D.
And the things you've showed last year were very much liked by everyone.
So go ahead and rekindle - and throw lots of K/S in it! LOl

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